Attract More Clients by Focusing Your Niche

Are you having a hard time attracting new clients? Perhaps it’s because your message is unclear or inconsistent, so you’re not reaching anyone in particular. This is a common problem that many practitioners face.

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, or what to talk about, it’s guaranteed you won’t be able to reach them. That’s why it’s essential for you to choose a niche, a target audience, aka your ideal client.

image of dial connecting with ideal clients through targeting alternative health marketing for practice successYour ideal client is the primary person your marketing message is targeted to. They’re the clients you’re uniquely fit to serve who will benefit the most from working with you. It doesn’t mean they’re the only people you can work with.

Why choose a niche

I’m sure your modality can help many types of people in amazing ways. But your marketing message must be focused and targeted in order to make an impact.

Focus is a difficult thing to master, that’s for sure. Fortunately there are some adjustments you can make that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Following are some common problems that get in the way of focusing your message:

(If any of these resonate, you could benefit from choosing a niche.)

1. You’re out of alignment with yourself

You’re great at do-ing for others, but it’s easy to lose track of yourself in the process. Take a moment to pause and reconnect with authentic your purpose, your WHY.

Remember why you’re doing this work in the first place. How did you fall in love with your modality, and why does it matter so much to you? What do you truly want to share with others that can help lead them to healing? Then pause and breathe, ground, feel and connect with your purpose.

Knowing your purpose can help you more clearly identify who you’d like to reach.

2. You don’t know what you’re working towards

Have you set a goal for your business? A real goal, even a big hairy audacious one? Decide what you want to achieve, then work toward it every day, a little or a lot.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – take that first step by establishing a goal and committing to work towards it. Once you know your goal, it will be easier to focus on which niche you should serve.

3. You’re trying to appeal to ‘everyone’

My #1 marketing rule is, when you market to everyone, you market to no one. Your message gets diluted because it’s too general. If you need a refresher, read my previous post about defining your Ideal Client, to help you identify the type of clients you most want to attract.

4. You can’t decide on a niche

It’s true that what you do can probably help the vast majority of people out there. That doesn’t mean that you can, or that you should try to appeal to everyone. You have to focus your marketing message in order to reach any one audience, so I encourage you to pick just one.

Which niche do you feel most passionate about working with? What types of pathology, disease, physical/ emotional/ spiritual challenges can you speak to from your own life experience? What have you overcome personally and feel confident about helping others do the same?

If you don’t know who your ideal client is, just pick one to focus on. There’s no wrong answer here. Remember, these are not the only clients you can serve, they’re just the primary clients your marketing message is targeted to.

5. You have too many advisors

Perhaps you’re working with multiple coaches, masterminds, and advisors, and each one tells you to focus on something different. No wonder you’re confused.

Your brain is full and you’re pooped. Too many inputs make the computer crash, and too many options feel overwhelming. You’re overscheduled and your plate is stacked so high it’s about to topple. You are a master at balancing everything, to your own detriment.

I see this situation often and my advice is always the same: take something off of your plate. There is no space for new clients to come in– not even ideal clients– because you’re not allowing any. Create some space in your schedule, your brain, your life to allow breathing room, stillness, non-doing.

Taking some time to get quiet can help you get clear on who you are and who you’d like to serve. Then, when opportunities and clients do show up, you’ll have the presence to give them the attention both they, and you, deserve.

6. You’re not saying no enough

Say it with me – NO! If you want to be polite, no thank you! It’s easy to get distracted by what everyone else is doing, or by what they think you should be doing. Don’t be trapped by FOMO – the fear of missing out.

Stop being grounded in other people’s priorities. Brendon Burchard says, “Your inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.” Stay focused on your goals and grounded in your own to do list. Say no to everything and everyone else that won’t help you get there.

Once you’re clear on your goal and grounded in yourself, you’ll gain more clarity on the ideal client you’re uniquely fit to serve who will benefit the most from working with you.

7. You’re scared

It’s quite normal to feel scared as a small business owner. Perhaps you’re scared of succeeding because you’ve never been there before? Or maybe you have, and you’re scared of failing this time around.

You’re asking your clients to stretch and grow, so why aren’t you? Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to skirt that line.

Choosing a niche can be scary too because you don’t want to leave anyone out. Everyone deserves the opportunity to heal. Don’t worry, there’s enough to go around.

Your niche, your ideal client, is not the only type of person you can work with. It’s who your marketing message is targeted to, so you can connect and engage with prospects more easily and turn them into paying clients that benefit from your work.

In summary

If you saw yourself in any of the above statements, then it’s time to take action. Create a clear picture of your purpose, your goals, and who your ideal client is. Then speak specifically to that person – others may hear you and become interested, but your focus is on that ideal client.

If you’re overwhelmed, take something off your plate and say no to things that don’t move you closer to your goals. Face your fears, breathe, and give yourself permission to say yes to a calendar full of excited and enthusiastic clients who cannot wait to work with you.

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