Move Out of Financial Chaos and into Conscious Abundance

by Diana Khoury Many of us set intentions, hoping to move our lives to the next level, yet find that our dreams are never realized. Manifestation is about more than setting an intention and waiting for someone to deliver your order on a silver platter. True manifestation requires being clear with yourself about what you […]

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8 Signs Your Wellness Website Needs A Refresh

Original article by Rob Foley Adapted by Diana Khoury Do other wellness practitioners in town have websites that get more visitors than yours, but you’re not convinced you need a new one? Are you unsure what makes a ‘great’ website or where to even start? To help determine if your website needs an update and […]

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3 Ways to Minimize Client No-Shows

diana khoury alternative health marketing minimize client no shows

It’s frustrating. Your client appointment schedule is finally booked for the week. Your office is ready and you’re mentally prepared for whatever the next patient brings to your table. So you wait…and wait. After 15 minutes you wonder if they’re even coming. After 30 you know they’re probably not. No phone call or email to […]

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How to Not be Late for Your Client Appointments

importance of being on time how not to be late for client appointment diana khoury

If you struggle with being on time in daily life, then being on schedule for your client appointments may also be a challenge. The obvious answer to not being late is to be on time. But reality is not always that simple. People who run late do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps growing up, your parents were obsessively […]

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Google’s Search Rankings Are Changing to Favor Mobile-Responsive Websites. Is Your Site Ready?

mobile responsive website google algorithm change apr 21 2015 alternative health marketing

If SEO is important to you, listen up. Next month, Google will be making a major change to the way it ranks its search results. Starting April 21, the search engine will now favor websites that are mobile-responsive, that is, optimized for tablet and smartphone. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it will drop significantly […]

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Public Acceptance of Alternative Healthcare Continues to Grow

Excerpted from “Alternative Health” by Brian Howard Alternative health may one day become a misnomer, as more Americans seek care outside of traditional allopathic methods, i.e., drugs and surgery. The alternative health field is large and multi-faceted, encompassing chiropractic, yoga, homeopathy, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy and more. Alternative health principles—prevention, natural remedies […]

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Be a Teacher to Your Clients

This article was originally written for an audience of bodyworkers, but the principles may be applied to any healthcare professional. Did you ever notice how much your clients don’t know about what’s going on in their own bodies? Once, after one of my clients had surgery, I asked her, “What did they do in the […]

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