Entrain Your Brain

I recently read about entrainment, a concept that I find fascinating. When a symphony is tuning its instruments, all members play the same note simultaneously. Most of the instruments are in tune, but those that are not will automatically be pulled into tune as a result of the common vibration.

Transparentcorp.com explains, “Entrainment is a principle of physics. It is defined as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. The principles of entrainment appear in chemistry, neurology, biology, pharmacology, medicine, astronomy and more… [and] when the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses.

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If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm.”

As you go through your day, notice what you synchronize with or which vibrations you are pulled towards. Do the people you associate with bring you joy, or do you feel exhausted after being with them? Does the music you listen to bring you up or down?

Are you drawn to optimism and compassion, or to negative and fearful emotions? Are you falling in or out of tune with yourself? Did you know that you can tune your own vibration by consciously choosing the thoughts, ideas, people and things you surround yourself with? Pay attention to how these things affect you. Then choose wisely.

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