Free and Easy Ways to Find New Clients

by Diana Khoury. Edited by Carol Ryan.

The biggest problem I hear from practitioners is that they don’t know how to find new clients. What if I told you that your next client may already be under your nose, you just might not know it? I see this problem over and over and it’s easy– and free to find your next client.

Follow these simple tips to stop leaving money on the table and make sure you’re connecting with prospects who are ready to work with you.

Check your voicemail messages

Whether you use your cell phone for business, have an office phone or LAN line, check your voicemail messages regularly…and return them in a timely manner.

check your voicemail teal blue turquoise phone icon reminds you to check your messages Last year I met a prospect at a wellness event who requested a conversation to discuss his website redesign. The next day, I called him via the number listed on his website and left a message. I didn’t hear anything back after several days so I emailed him. Still no response.

Several days later I ran into him and shared I’d been trying to reach him to schedule a meeting. I was dumbfounded when he said, “Don’t leave a message at that number. I don’t use it anymore.” What?! That’s the number that is listed on his website.

If my messages were being ignored, I can pretty much guarantee that other interested parties were not being heard either.

Check your spam folder

You never know what’s lurking in your Spam folder, and it could be a new client.

Once I was looking for a health provider to address an issue I was having at the time. I met one such provider at a networking event and liked our interaction. She said she was looking for clients, so I emailed her the next day to request an appointment. Tubleweeds rolled by. Weeks passed.

Over a month later, she emailed me to say oops(!) my email had gone into her Spam folder. Ok, it happens. But by the time she’d contacted me, I had already found a new provider. I would have become her client, but I didn’t because she didn’t respond to my message.

Take the time to check your Spam folder regularly (at least weekly) to make sure you’re not missing any important messages. You may just find your next client is right under your nose.

Test your Contact form

Does the contact form on your website work? Have you tested it recently?

A year ago, I was searching for a specific type of training. A friend recommended a teacher with whom she’d done several levels of training and was highly impressed with the results. I emailed the instructor through her website’s Contact page because I knew she had a class coming up. No response.

Two weeks later, I emailed her directly. She responded the same day. I told her I’d sent a message through her website and she was surprised. She never received the message.

After troubleshooting the problem and finding my missing email, she shared that 2 other new clients had also sent emails through her Contact form to inquire about the upcoming class. If she hadn’t checked, this would have been money left on the table.

teal blue turquoise envelope icon reminds you to check your email spam folder

How many prospects are you failing to turn into clients because you never received their email?

Have a friend or colleague email you through your Contact form to confirm messages are being received on your end. If they’re not, fix the issue or ask your web designer or VA to troubleshoot the problem. If you can’t fix the issue, take the Contact form off of your website and list your email address instead so prospects can email you directly.

Does it seem like I’m telling the same story over and over? I am. The point is, check your communication systems to make sure they work, for you and your clients. You work hard to get traffic to your website, so make it easy for site visitors to reach you when they’re ready to book.

Turn an old client into a new client

Clients tend to come in waves. If you’ve been in business several years, it’s likely you’ve worked with several rounds of clients. A great way to get more appointments on your calendar is to invite old clients to return.

What’s the best way to do this? Revisit your client contact list and flip through your old charts. Identify which clients used to come in regularly and haven’t been in for a while. Review your chart notes to see what positive results they received from your work together.

If the client was a regular, you probably know something about their lives and their health issues. When you call or send them an email, ask them how they’re doing, remind them of the positive results you achieved together, and invite them to return. It might just pay off in a renewed commitment to their health, a new client for you, and more appointments filled on your calendar.

Ask current clients for referrals

The easiest way to get new clients is a positive recommendation from a current client. Tell your regulars you’re accepting new clients and would appreciate their referrals. Then give them more specifics. They might love your work together, but people don’t always know how to explain what you do or who to refer.

person giving a business card referral to a new client or prospect

Think about which conditions you have gotten the best results with. Be specific. For example, you might say, “I’m looking for new clients with (choose one): neck pain / sleep issues / digestive problems / headaches / back pain / menopausal symptoms / high stress / anxiety / etc.”

Choose one pathology and use that as your example of the type of new client you’re looking for. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s the only type of client you will attract. You can even test it. Suggest a different pathology to different regulars and see what types of referrals roll in. The more specific you are, the easier it is for current clients to refer others to you.

In Summary

Surprising as it may seem, you could be missing out on new clients who’ve already tried to contact you. Whether from your voicemail, Spam folder or the Contact form on your website, check your communication systems regularly to make sure they work.

If they don’t, fix the problem or change your communication system. Additional ways to get new clients include inviting past clients to return, and asking current clients for specific types of referrals.

Try these simple, free methods and discover how easy it can be to find new clients who might already be looking for you. Comment below and let me know which method proves the most helpful and profitable for your practice.


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