Here are some of the logos we’ve proudly created:


Jennifer Soames LMT, a structural integration practitioner who has been in business for 10 years, renamed her practice to Santosha Bodywork so she needed a new logo. She had previously hired us for copywriting on her website, so knew that we understood her business and her brand message. The brand values that we encapsulated in Jennifer’s new symbol include liberation, authenticity, integration and empowerment. In addition to the logo, we designed a business card and branded email newsletter template so she can stay engaged and connected to her clients.


secret ingredient logo graphic design by alternative health marketing and branding

Why would we include our own logo in our portfolio? Because we designed it! The lotus can be seen as a flower, a plant or a hand. We chose blue because blue is the color of healthcare marketing, and green because it is one of the main colors found in nature. What we’re communicating here is the premise that alternative healthcare is healthcare, with a natural and more holistic approach.


The Yoga Garden came to us because their (previous) logo didn’t accurately reflect the studio’s vibe. While retaining the core elements, we updated the color and structure of the logo to better align with the studio’s brand values of balance, playfulness and expansion. This new logo was then applied to The Yoga Garden’s website, student intake form, email newsletter template, Facebook page, and MindBodyOnline portal to create consistency throughout all their marketing channels.


The Secret Ingredient needed a logo upgrade to better communicate (through visuals) the essence of what they do: providing custom meals for individuals, couples and families with dietary restrictions. Keeping the heart shaped hands/ peas image from their previous logo, we explored several different font and styling options which culminated in this design that communicates their brand values of professionalism, caring, and expertise. We also used this logo for their custom-designed brochure.


health in balance monroe sultan snohomish logo graphic design by alternative health marketing and branding

This is an original logo we created for Health in Balance, an integrative nutrition and mind-body-health coaching practice. The owner wanted to capture the brand values of inner wisdom, knowledge, compassionate support and personal empowerment in this symbol, to support the launch of her practice. We’re continuing to use the logo to design a business card, website, email newsletter template and brochure that will support a cohesive brand identity in all of Health in Balance’s marketing channels.


mackay landscape services logo graphic design branding by alternative health marketing

The principles of marketing that guide our work can be applied to any small business, so we do have a few clients from outside the healthcare industry. In business 20 years and counting, MacKay Landscape Services requested a logo to communicate their brand as they continued to grow. The values that we infused into their logo design are: family-owned, reliable, and connected with nature. We rolled the logo into other branded products, including crew T-shirts, embroidered golf shirts, printed flyers, trailer signage and truck decals.


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