9 Steps to Reducing Overwhelm for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as an entrepreneur, especially if you’re a caring, heart-centered practitioner. You might describe yourself as an introvert, an empath, a sensitive person, or someone who keeps themselves busy beyond the point of exhaustion.

All of these traits add up to a feeling of constantly being overwhelmed by your to-do list, your work, and your life.

If you’re ready to actually move things forward instead of just shuffling things around, here are 9 tips to help you actually stay focused, so you can be more productive on a daily basis.

Tidying Up

1. Unsubscribe

Say no to all that junk in your inbox by hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email. Yes, I know, it takes time to do that, but how much time does it take every day to scroll through all of the junk to get to the messages you want? Exactly!

Unsubscribe – do it now, and do it regularly…and you’ll wonder, how did you get signed up for all of these lists in the first place?

2. Clean your desktop

We’re talking both your computer and your desk here.

On the computer: file the majority of icons on your desktop – they’re creating visual clutter and (literally) slowing your computer down.

pc desktop with icons that can be cleaned off to clear the clutter blog post with tips for reducing overwhelm

Move the files you don’t need anymore into the trash, or file them on your C: drive or Documents folder.

I actually have a Documents folder called “Clutter” that I use to move things off my desktop. Funny thing is, I never look in that folder to see what I stuffed in there (maybe I should just delete it, yeah?).

On your desk: Put those business cards from your last networking event in a small index card box, or scan them into your computer and upload them to one of these apps.

Buy an inbox and file your papers according to their status and what’s most urgent. I bought a vintage 3-drawer pink inbox at the thrift shop for $7.99. It makes me happy every time I look at it (or add more papers to the pile).

If you’re not a fan of paper, you can also scan and add documents to your online project manager. I use Asana.

Throw away any trash and recycle or shred business cards and papers you don’t need anymore. Empty the trash can in your office instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

3. Close browser tabs

How many tabs do you have open in your web browser right now? I have 7, which is fewer than normal, but it’s only Monday. Four of my current tabs are articles I haven’t read yet (although I’ve had them open for a week or more) and 3 are my project management tools.

Try to read your articles and close those tabs at the end of every week, so you can quit your browser entirely and start fresh the next week. Your brain will thank you and you won’t feel so far behind.

4. Limit social media time

Check in, check out. Stop being grounded in everyone else’s lives and agendas and recommit to prioritizing your own.

Do you have Twitter on your phone?  Facebook on your tablet?  Uninstall them! You can set apps so they don’t notify you every time one of your friends comments on a post. Better still, you can delete the app so you’re not tempted to check in with it all day long.

It’s amazing how much time becomes available to us when we aren’t drowning in other people’s daily lives. Make an effort to stay focused on your purpose and grounded in your own to do list.


5. Create a 48 hr rule

I love the practitioners I meet every week and get really excited about the unique mix of tools they use to bring more people to healing. I always want to book their sessions or buy their programs in that moment. For this reason, I’ve instituted a 48 hour rule.

clock image to demonstrate the 48 hour rule of making a decision to reduce overwhelm as a heart centered entrepreneurI make myself wait 48 hours after meeting a practitioner or learning about their program to make a decision. I know I would benefit from working with most, if not all of them, but have to let my excitement simmer in order to decide which investments are truly aligned with my goals and my values.

We all have situations where we feel inspired in the moment and respond spontaneously – those are the moments where waiting could save you a whole lot of stress. If you take 48 hours to consider your decision, guaranteed you won’t be left over-committed or broke.

6. Establish and prioritize your goals

If your plate is too full, there is no room for something new to manifest. I’ve had several clients recently ask me what they can do to attract even more clients. My answer? Take something off your plate. Go for a walk. Create space for something new to come in.

Then focus on your goal and say no to everything that is not in line with your goals. Be strict with yourself on this one. The universe will test you. Be relentless about saying no to everyone and everything that doesn’t help you move forward toward your goals.

7. Say no in your personal life

You don’t have to do everything that sounds interesting or fun or that your friends are doing. This is where the FOMO– fear of missing out– comes in.

Pull back. Establish healthy boundaries with others and with yourself. This creates space for new opportunities to show up. Don’t be afraid to say no. If you’re clear and aligned with yourself, the universe will send you the right people you need to help you get where you want to go.

Taking Care Of You

8. Get grounded

To get grounded, take the time to give your attention to something that fuels you, restores you, gives you peace. Do exercise, yoga, meditation, maker activities (crafts, baking, art), give yourself a foot bath or read for pleasure for a short time every day. Practice gratitude and being in stillness. Get quiet, spend time in nature, practice being in awe.

zen rocks of peaceful meditation and time for personal grounding to reduce overwhelm as a heart centered entrepreneur

When you create a daily practice to quiet your mind, it quiets the voices in your head so you are finally able to listen to your own voice.

The world will keep spinning around you but you don’t have to let it carry you away. Even a few moments of stillness every day can bring grounding and show you a more peaceful way of being in your world.

9. Be compassionate with yourself

Breathe. Accept where you are today. Love yourself. Celebrate your wins, big or small, and know that your presence, your passion and your work make a positive difference in this world.

Nine things is a lot to change all at once, and I don’t want you to feel defeated before you even start.

Choose one item for this week, and practice it daily. Then come back and choose another next week. Or if you have the time and are feeling inspired, you could do the first four right now, today, and see the benefits right away!

That’s nine little things to do– ok, maybe they feel like big things– but they add up to a whole lot. I know it’s not easy saying no, finding time to rest, being disciplined about goals, staying on top of the flood of paper and email.

Even so, I hope you can see that adopting these changes, even one at a time, will make such a huge difference in your work productivity, your mindset, your happiness, that it’s worth making these simple adjustments to your daily life.

Leave me a message in the comments, telling me how this works for you – I would love to hear about your experience.

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  1. This was just what I needed to read today, every single one of the points resonated with me! Nice to know I am not alone 🙂 Thanks for these great tips on how to ease some of them, quite helpful.

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