Are you Treating Self-Care as a Right or a Privilege?

Self-care. You talk about it all the time to your clients. But are you practicing it yourself?

self-care for alternative health wellness practitioners diana khoury alternative health marketing tips for successRecently at my MeetUp, a presenter reminded us that you can only give as much to your clients as you’re giving to yourself. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sure, I practice self-care. A little bit here, a little bit there. But I realized that doesn’t quite cut it. I asked myself, what am I doing consistently and persistently for self-care? And what do I need to change?

For nearly a year now, I’ve been meditating every morning. I guess it’s not technically meditating, it’s more sitting, reading, then pondering and journaling. Whatever you call it, it helps get and keep me grounded throughout the day. I show up more present and feel more centered in my work and decision-making. I’ve even had colleagues in my networking group tell me they see a change in how I’m showing up today vs. a year ago. Powerful stuff.

I also go to yoga class at least 2x/week. Wish I could do it every day, but my schedule doesn’t allow that. So I block out time in my schedule for yoga and commit to being there. Time on my mat also helps me let go of stuff and helps me stay grounded and centered. [I used to have a yoga teacher that would put us in Downward Dog and say, “Open your head and let all your junk out.” This always worked and still does to this day.]

The new thing I added (that I wasn’t doing before) is going to a chiropractor once/week for several months. Now I go every 2 weeks. Wow. I always knew chiropractic was good for you, but I didn’t know how good it could be. I now have more sustained energy throughout the day, and my brain fog is totally gone. What a relief. My chiro describes the process as a shopping cart with a crooked wheel. When the cart goes in all directions, you waste energy. When the wheel is straight, the cart runs smoothly and more efficiently. Affirmative to that. She rocks my world and this work is making a real difference.

When the weather cooperates, I also go out walking several times a week. It’s early Spring in Seattle right now, so the weather is rather wonky (unpredictable). Sunny and 60 one day, snow and 40 the next. Seriously, you just have to wear layers and get used to it. I’ve lived here most of my life so it seems normal to me and I find the unpredictability amusing. Anyhow, get out and walk if that’s what you like to do.

There are so many different things you can do for self-care, find what you like and make time for those things regularly. If you need some guidance, check out Living Upp, an online self-care support community. Stacy at Living Upp teaches unusual self-care practices for powerful women. I’m sure she could offer some insight for you men out there as well.

If you need additional support or a more defined self-care process, consider attending a retreat for spiritual or personal development. There are many retreats to choose from these days, especially if you live near a large city. If you don’t know of any, ask friends or colleagues if they can recommend one.

In summary, I encourage you to create your own personalized self-care plan. One that nourishes your spirit, fills your cup, and replenishes your energy so you have more of your light to give and share with your family and your clients. You will thank me, but more importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

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