Self-Care Strategies for Introverts

by Stacy Fisher-Gunn

The word introvert gets tossed around a lot, but it’s often used in a way that portrays people with this personality type as being shy, awkward, snobby, boring, or even arrogant. But the truth is, introverts are largely misunderstood.

Merriam-Webster defines an introvert as someone who turns inward.

are you an introvert read on for self-care strategies for success

To find out if you’re an introvert, take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality inventory.

As an introvert myself, I’ve learned it simply means that I prefer more quiet time than most extroverts do, so I have to schedule my social interactions carefully and know my limits. If I don’t allow myself enough time to recharge, I inevitably get sick.

Choose your self-care strategies wisely.

Self-care, i.e. what we do between doctor’s appointments to support our health and well-being, determines upwards of 80% of our personal health outcomes. Surprising? Perhaps.

But it’s important to realize that each of us holds a great deal of power when it comes to the quality of our own lives. And choosing the right self-care strategies can make a significant impact on everything else we’re trying to accomplish. 

Knowing if you’re an introvert or not can help you choose more effective self-care strategies. For example, solitude and downtime are essential for most introverts, while extroverts may get a boost in energy from social interactions.

mint tea is relaxing self-care for introverts to fill their cup so they can serve others

What do you need to be your best?

Once you discover what you need to be your best, it’s much easier to weave those activities into your day-to-day routines. Experimenting with a variety of self-care activities is one of the best places to start when you’re designing a self-care practice. 

Here are 25 self-care activities that honor introverts:

• Take a walk in nature

• Write a letter of gratitude to someone who has touched your life in a meaningful way

• Read a book

• Take a yoga class

• Listen to a podcast or audio book

• Create art

• Join a book club

• Get a pedicure

• Meditate

• Volunteer

• Plan your upcoming week and schedule your time wisely

• Watch a funny movie

• Take a cooking class

• Create a vision board

• Dance

• Learn something new

• Buy a new pillow

• Donate to a charity

• Hire a stylist to help make your personality more visible

• Say no to something

• Establish a morning ritual

• Ask for what you need (even if you have to put it in writing)

• Make a list

• Journal

• Schedule a spa treatment

Most important in this process is to honor your need for self-care and make time for restorative activities (at least) several times a week. You can only give as much to your clients as you give to yourself first.

stacy fisher-gunn blog contributor on self-care for alternative health marketing practitioners and coachesStacy Fisher-Gunn is a dietitian, author, and self-care designer who teaches overfunctioning women how to weave self-care into their busy lives without feeling guilty. For realistic guidance on how to practice daily self-care, visit Stacy’s website at

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What successful self-care strategies have you woven into your personal or professional life? Share in the comments below.

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