Free and Easy Ways to Find New Clients

by Diana Khoury. Edited by Carol Ryan. The biggest problem I hear from practitioners is that they don’t know how to find new clients. What if I told you that your next client may already be under your nose, you just might not know it? I see this problem over and over and it’s easy– and […]

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To Discount or Not to Discount? That is the Question

You love what you do and the solution you offer clients. You truly care. You want to help people and improve the planet. That’s why you got into the wellness industry in the first place. But does helping others mean you have to give your services away in order to be successful? Personally, I’m not a fan […]

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3 Ways to Minimize Client No-Shows

diana khoury alternative health marketing minimize client no shows

It’s frustrating. Your client appointment schedule is finally booked for the week. Your office is ready and you’re mentally prepared for whatever the next patient brings to your table. So you wait…and wait. After 15 minutes you wonder if they’re even coming. After 30 you know they’re probably not. No phone call or email to […]

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