jennifer kennett eastside family counseling hired alternative health marketing to design her website heres her testimonial review

“Working with Diana [on my website] has been a dream. Her warm communication style combined with her creative and technical expertise means she is a joy to work with and the finished product is professional and polished.

I have (and will continue to) recommend her again and again!”

– Jennifer Kennett, MA, LMHC
Owner, Eastside Family Counseling 

“I needed a new website and wanted to work with Diana because of her reputation as a wordsmith. I knew what I wanted to say and I also felt the need to work with someone who would be a sounding board as the website was constructed…

I recommend Diana because she took the time to get to know my work and present it from my point of view. I also appreciate that she goes the extra mile to ensure my new website has great SEO. I recommend Diana for the alternative, complementary, holistic practitioner who wants to work with a website builder who understands and appreciates their work.”

– David Gross, PT, SMS, BCSI
Physical Therapist, Structural Medicine Specialist, Board Certified Structural Integrator 

dr brenda butterfield mbsr instructor redmond is a website client of alternative health marketing

“Thank you for your diligence on making my website more appealing and for going above and beyond to help make the fall MBSR class happen. You are AMAZING Diana, exceeding my expectations.

We are changing the world one person at a time… working together. Thank you!”

– Brenda Butterfield, EdD, MSW, LMHC
Therapist, MBSR Instructor & Professional Development Trainer, Our New Experience 

“Working with Diana is super easy, fun, and energizing. She listens, cares, and is intent on delivering a product that you both can feel proud of.
sara tharrington hired alternative health marketing to design the yoga garden duvall website and marketing materials heres her review

Diana takes the time to understand her clients and works from her heart in an incredibly organized and thorough way. Thanks Diana!”

– Sara Tharrington
Studio Owner for 13 years, The Yoga Garden

“I would never ever (ever) have followed through on creating a website without Diana’s presence, knowledge and expertise.

blair carleton hired alternative health marketing to design her cultivating mindful self compassion website and business cards heres her review

She made the whole thing easy and it really is exciting to have my own site up and functioning.”

– Blair Carleton
Mindful Self-Compassion & Recovery Coach

anna margolina phd hired alternative health marketing to write her brand messaging and maintain her wordpress website

“I am really in awe of your ability to grasp the essence of what I say and translate it into concise and clear language.”

– Anna Margolina, Ph.D
Hypnosis and NLP Brain Training Coach

ella elman of the secret ingredient is grateful for her new brochure design by alternative health marketing

“Diana is amazing at what she does. She designed the most beautiful brochure for me. She has a real gift for getting right to the heart of what you offer to the world and explaining it so well. I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Ella Elman, Therapeutic Personal Chef and
Owner, The Secret Ingredient

anthony thompson balance acupuncture woodinville diana khoury alternative health marketing for holistic practitioners“Diana is a great person who has a deep concern for the small business owner, especially alternative medicine. She understands the marketing challenges we face and offers a wide range of ideas and skills to meet those challenges. Most of the marketing people out there just want to garner their share of your marketing dollars but I feel that Diana truly is on a mission to help businesses like mine succeed. She has helped us with our website, blogging and reaching out to our specific community to serve that community better. She has many skills to help you reach your goals. I recommend you try her out.”

– Anthony Thompson, LMP, L.Ac
Co-Owner, Balance Acupuncture

elizabeth bellmer counselor bothell wa marketing website

“I highly recommend Diana for website design and marketing. I was so fortunate to be referred to her by a colleague and it has been a perfect match.  She is very professional and yet personable at the same time. 

Diana and I met on several occasions so she could get to know me and my business in order to do the best possible job portraying to my clients who I am and how my business can benefit them. I was so impressed with Diana’s interest in my goals and my business future.  She really listened and understood my ideas and where I was coming from. Diana’s help can only benefit you and your business.

– Elizabeth Bellmer, MA, LMHC
Owner, Bellmer Counseling

jennifer soames santosha bodywork structural integration issaquah recommends alternative health marketing for client attraction and practice success

“It was a huge blessing to meet and work with Diana. Having been in the holistic health industry herself, Diana knows the world in which I and other wellness professionals live: our terminology, our mindset and our target market. This, coupled with all of her knowledge and expertise in marketing and copywriting (and so much more), make her so very valuable.

She listens and asks the right questions to help you get clear on your message, your target market, your goals and vision. She was able to translate my verbose excitement into tangible, clear and concise messaging that my audience could clearly grasp. I highly recommend Diana to any holistic health professional looking to serve even more clients/patients, step up their brand messaging and work with someone who really knows marketing. She will help your business and your vision be authentic, effective and grow!”

– Jennifer Soames, LMP, KMI/BCSI
Owner, Santosha Bodywork

leadership life coach qigong energy medicine marketing

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Diana. Through insightful questioning she helped me identify my ideal client. The process also gave me an experience of putting into words what I do for clients, which helped me clarify what I’m passionate about.

After we spoke, Diana captured our conversation with accuracy from her notes and sent it to me in a Word document. The conversation and the follow-up document proved to be extremely useful for supporting me as I moved forward developing my business plan. Thank you Diana for your expertise and guidance. I have referred to the document frequently and continue to draw on the experience of working with you!”   

– Marsha Moore
Owner, Upward Spiral Life
Conscious Leadership Coach, Qigong & Energy Medicine Instructor

russ mackay landscape services pacific northwest marketing small business writing(Non-healthcare client:)
“We’ve been so pleased with Diana’s work. She brought an infectious, positive attitude, solutions and creativity to our marketing and website needs. Also, her interest and ability to learn about the landscape industry in general has been very helpful. I’m sure, no matter your industry, Diana would learn it and serve you well.”
– Russ MacKay
Owner, MacKay Landscape Services

liz pyle urban reflexology alternative health marketing for introverts diana khoury“Diana is an extrovert with a great understanding of the introverted small business owner. She’s dynamic in her approach and inspires you to take action even if it moves you out of your comfort zone. I always feel energized after talking with Diana. She has common sense (which isn’t always common) and she doesn’t waste time. I feel confident that her ideas will generate success for my business which will ultimately benefit my personal life. Who could ask for more than that?”

– Liz Pyle, NBCR
Owner, Urban Reflexology

val klionsky lmp alternative health marketing grow your small business“Diana is absolutely awesome at developing working plans for marketing. From start to finish she is a master of her field in finding and following up on leads, keeping track of contacts and opening doors that seemed closed. I really recommend using her skills if you need a marketing representative.”

– Val Klionsky, LMP
Owner, Connecting Soma

marilene songcroft naturals alternative health marketing help finding customers“Diana is amazing. She is well organized, reliable and a good communicator. Diana is creative and as such she thinks ‘out of the box’ in regard to problem solving and visualizing the possibilities that can take place. She has an eye for detail and is meticulous in her work. Diana is a great team member as well a leader.”

– Marilene Richardson
Owner, SongCroft Naturals


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